Without it, you’ll feel like something is missing.

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Use them to transform your little corner of the world.

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“You will never be more powerful or peaceful than when you are completely vulnerable, with nothing to defend.” — Unknown

Revise your understanding of who you need to trust.

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How to find people who manage themselves.

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And why the effort is worth it.

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What Is Humility?

Humility is a modest view of one’s importance.

And how you’ll know you’re making progress.

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Be prepared to change your mind.

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Pay attention to how you feel and how you behave.

I define organizing principle as the idea that things seem to work out better if I…

That doesn’t mean you are one.

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And it’s not working!

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Beliefs and ideas are not facts.

We all have ideas about how things should be. People should be loyal. Even to someone who does horrible things? Homes should be neat and sparkling clean. …

Robyn Norman

Therapist, mindfulness coach, writer. I got tired of hearing myself talk, so I write. robyn1001@comcast.net or www.partnersinmindfulliving.com/blog

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