Robyn Norman

Therapist, mindfulness coach, writer. Obsessed with relationships and exploring ways to make them the best they can be.

I've learned from personal experience that the only person I can change or even manage, is me. Hard-won lesson. I guess I became a therapist because, as the saying goes, we teach what we need to learn.

I love seeing clients reclaim their confidence and personal power. Not power over anybody else--but, instead, a strong enough sense of self that others are drawn to them because of their kindness and generous natures. When they stop looking outside themselves to fill imaginary holes, accept and feel compassion for their human limitations, and know what feels right to them in any given moment, is when we know our work is done.

I met the love of my life at a time when I was no longer looking outside myself for fulfillment--isn't that often the way of it. It's probably a good thing it didn't happen sooner, or we may not have connected without the wisdom of years to clear the lenses through which we looked.

I split my time between working with clients, and writing about what I learn from them. I couldn't have found a better life, a better balance, or a better way to spend this gift of time on earth that was handed to me, unearned, and definitely unexpected.

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