But then reinstated it when people found it and read it, anyway.

I published this review the other day and received a private message encouraging me to include more detail about the book and why it’s a worthwhile read. I appreciated the perspective, read other reviews, and heavily edited this.

Here’s the revised review:

Awareness by Anthony (Tony) DeMello (1931–1987) is one…

But keep going even when it’s hard, especially when it’s hard, because that’s how you grow up.

If I told you that my default is to think about running away when I’m frustrated, that would be true. But you wouldn’t begin to understand the depth of feeling that I want to convey.

When I’m triggered, I quickly devolve to the emotional maturity of a ten-year-old who was…

And I’m ready for it.

I had an epiphany.

I’ve spent enough time with the past. I understand what happened, what it did to me, and where I need work.

It’s time to stay firmly planted in the present.

So back to the process, the routine, of turning my attention inward, to focusing on right now.

I’ve uncovered, explored, and to some degree, made sense of the past. I know what it left me with; I don’t need to keep revisiting.

I’m ready to work with what is left — excited to shore up those frightened parts of me so they feel safe, competent, dignified, and joyful.

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Without understanding, meditation practice can degenerate to profound self-absorption or escapism.

Many years ago, I had a first-time meet with a new client. He was excited about having been immersed in Buddhism and meditation for approximately six months. He asserted that he was now a completely different person, calm, peaceful, and swimming in equanimity.

After we spent some time getting to…

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